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30 August 2013

Project Polynesia

Finally finished my first illustration for my personal project Polynesia. Soon I will upload some detail shots from this illustration. And more about the story!

11 August 2013

Liz and her dog

Second illustration finished! New characters and stories coming up.. again, hihi. Three weeks in Scotland definitely let to loads of inspiration. This one's about the adventures of a girl named Liz and her dog. This is just a test illustration, but more's definitely coming up! Let me know what you think!

Lost in a magical forest

New illustration finished, finally! It has been a while. That's because I was backpacking in Scotland for three weeks. Such a beautiful and magical place! It gave me lot's of inspiration for new illustrations! Here's the first one. Let me know what you think!

Kunstroute Woudrichem 2013

Woohoo, another new exhibition is coming up! I got selected to participate in the Kunstroute Woudrichem 2013! On the 14th and 15th of september my illustrations will be shown at the 5th location of the art route: in De Kruitkelder Cappuccinobar, Woudrichem. See you there :)

IF | Wild 2.0

A new version of my IF illustration with the topic 'wild'. This time in blue! Again, hihi, I just have a thing for the color blue! Don't know which I prefer, this one or the orange colored illustration. Which one do you prefer?

Work work work

A sneak peek from the stuff I'm working on. New stories and characters coming up!

Pregnancy Fair

My own stand with children's illustrations (products) and portrait drawings at the pregnancy fair of Kraamzorgburo Novo Peri. Met some nice people and learned a lot! What's next? I signed in for the Art Route Woudrichem 2013! If I get selected I will have a new exhibition in september. Fingers crossed!

4 June 2013

Environments | Cave

Another sketchy environment I did in Photoshop. This is so much fun! Going to finish this one soon.

26 May 2013

Environments | Canyon

I did some sketchy environments in Photoshop today. Trying to learn more about digital (speed)painting, colors, lights, shading etc. Really like doing this! I think I'm going to do one every day :) (reference used, but can't find it anymore.. great.)

Official 'A Calendar of Tales' website

My illustration for Neil Gaiman's August Tale made it onto the Official 'A Calendar Of Tales' website! Awesome! Check it out on ! Curious about the complete illustration? Check out my gallery!

14 May 2013

Yara & Senne

New assignment finished! I made two new portrait drawings of my niece's daughters.

5 May 2013


Woohoo, there it is, my first solo exhibition! The entire month of May my illustrations are exhibited at the library in Giessen and you are all very welcome for a visit: monday and friday from 14.00 - 20.00, wednesday and thursday from 14.00 - 17.00 and saturday from 09.30 - 12.00 at Jagerspad 30 in Giessen. See you there :)

Big thanks to Patrick for helping me building up this exhibition!
Better photos coming soon!

22 April 2013

IF | Wild

Oops, a bit too late for this weeks Illustration Friday, but this should have been my submission for the topic 'wild'. This topic really fitted to the story of my IF illustrations. They tell about the adventures of Bamboo the elephant and Kota the firefly. I'm not going to tell more about it yet, hihi. But I will keep you informed!


Last week I received one of my pillows from my Society6 store. My parents secretly ordered one for my birthday. Well, the shipping took a bit longer than planned hihi, but I'm still so happy with it! Thanks mom and dad! Do you also want a pillow or other product with my design? Check out!

10 April 2013


New portrait I made on request. This time a drawing from my niece's daughter. It was a present for my uncle's birthday.
Pencil, A3.

8 April 2013


Yay, my flyers about portrait drawings arrived! Soon they will be spread in local stores. Are you also looking for an original gift for a birthday, father's or mother's day, marriage or other special occasion? Or are you interested in a drawn portrait from your partner, child, pet or other beloved one? Grab your chance and feel free to contact me!

5 April 2013

IF | Egg

A new submission to Illustration Friday. This week’s topic was ‘egg’. I’m really happy with the result. The IF illustrations are getting more and more narrative, colored and detailed. And therefore, more me. Also the sketching and working in Photoshop is getting better and better. I like the way this is going. Illustration Friday is such a good and fun exercise! 

Project ME

A new illustration finished! This one's for another project I'm currently working on. Soon I will tell and show you more about this!
Pencil, digital.

Exhibition in May

Woohoo. A new exhibition's coming up. In May I will be exhibiting my illustrations in the local library in Giessen. So if you're curious about my work, or if you're just in the neighborhood, you're welcome to visit my exhibition! Or maybe you're just there for some new books, hi hi. Then check it out too ;) I'll keep you informed.

WIP | Project mill

A sneak peek from a new project I'm working on! Soon more about this.
Pencil, watercolor.

24 March 2013

IF | Eye Glasses

This week I’m back again with a new IF illustration! I’m still working on a story to tie all these illustrations together. But meanwhile the adventures of my elephant and his flying friend continues! This week’s topic was ‘eye glasses’.